Lighting Education and Training

Karnataka State Center of Indian Society of Lighting Engineers has started this on-line campus for dissemination of knowledge about Lighting.

The system is open to everyone and ISLE-KSC welcomes everyone. Of course for the sake of security one has to register as a ISLE Website User. Registration is simple, automatic and is based on email. We look forward not only to students or learners to avail the facility, but also to teachers, trainers and experts who would like to give out or share their experience and knowledge with others. Product manufacturers may also utilize the forum to explain their products. Everyone needs Lighting, needs to know about lighting, about the fast developments taking place in lighting and how one can utilize the developments.

Please join us and participate in the quest for knowledge and sharing is gainful for everyone. At the same time we request the users to keep the system and contents clean, focused on Lighting and related or dependent issues of Energy, Environment, Economy, Health and overall human well being, and not misuse to bring in advertisements or to post undesirable, irrelevant information.

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