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Lighting as a field is taking an intense revolutionary turn both in its technology &

applications. Creative experimentation & innovation are redefining the role of lighting to

serve as a catalyst for transition to a new era. A multi-disciplinary intersection of

technology, sustainability, and human factors in lighting create endless new

opportunities for designers. Indian Society of Lighting Engineers (ISLE) – Karnataka

State Centre(ISLE-KSC) introduces a specialisedspecialized lighting design platform to

stimulate challenging ideas & promote young design talent.

ISLE-KSC has set itself the goal to promote excellence in the area of light and lighting

by encouraging the young talent such as students and emerging professionals to

develop innovative design ideas in lighting LIGHT related toaspects covering: light

sources, fixtures, controls, still and interactive lighting projects, application of Light in

diverse fields such as medical, horticultural, communication, entertainment etc., in

addition to the conventional areas of lighting & associated areas of 6Es (Energy,

Efficiency, Environment, Economy, Entreprenuresip, Education). ISLE-KSC provides

recognition to individuals/groups creating / implementing those LIGHT related ideas

with the ultimate aim of better life for human beings..

The Competition

ISLE-KSC hereby welcomes original, innovative & sustainable ideas in the area of light

and lighting to bring forth your creations & facilitate future lighting trends to come alive.

The aim of the competition is to break the convention & challenge the existing lighting

technology, applications, designs, forms & materials. The ISLE-KSC design

competition is an opportunity to showcase creative-bold ideas in lighting, design ideas

that are something truly unique!!! It is not just a competition; it is a grandstand that will

take the attention of design oriented companies, professional designers & architects,

product manufacturers & others in business in the lighting industry. The certificate of

achievement from ISLE-KSC will be recognition for your quality work that will enable

you a step ahead in your academics & career.

Who can participate?

This is a young talent competition for students and newly graduated designers &

technologists. The design competition is open to both concept stage, & realisedrealized

lighting products/projects by students (Colleges & Universities) & fresh graduates

across all disciplines from all over India.

What may be included in the competition?

The competition is all inclusive & with unconfined platform and welcomes entries of a

wide spectrum of design innovations in the field of light & lighting.

These may include Lighting products; Luminaires/Light fixtures, Lamps and Ballasts,

Optics, Films, Lens, and Reflectors, LEDs and Drivers, Lighting Controls, Sensors &

Actuators , Daylighting/Solar Control/Shading Devices, Specialty Items and

Accessories or any other technology or application that contributes to energy efficiency

Entries for lighting projects may include Architectural Lighting, Designs for optimization

of natural light, Street Lighting & Town planning,.

Design ideas can evolve around Light Art Projects, Interactive Lighting Projects,

Interior Lighting Projects (Residences, Retail & Commercial), Hospitality,

Theatre/Stage Lighting Healthcare and more.

Entries may also include Research and Lighting Reference Effects on Human Health,

Plant/Animal life, and any other.

Other lighting related ideas may include Apps (Apps for iPhone, iTouch, iPad, and

other smart phone devices), lighting software programs and light measuring tools.

Entries for the competition can be at conceptual/suggestive stage or scale model or

prototype or realised lighting product/project – can be still or interactive, permanent or

temporary. The entries can be submitted by an individual or a group.

The winners of the competition are will be awarded with a certificate of achievement

from the Institute Indian Institute of Lighting Engineers. The Winners will be provided

exclusive opportunity to promote the success of winning the competition & present their

design ideas at the International Conference, VISION 2020 to be held during 20-21,

November 4-6, 2016 in Bengaluru. The winners of Lighting Products and Projects

Design will appear in the conference proceedings which will be available to all at the

Awarding Criteria

All ideas and designs are welcome, as long as they are related it has to do with to

lighting. The ISLE-KSC award considers your submission on multiple dimensions. The

submissions will be evaluated based on innovation, functional/illumination properties,

performance, aesthetics, and social and environmental responsibility.

Winners will be selected from all eligible submitted projects. Certificate of achievement

and/or prizes will be awarded on merit by a national level jury composed of

professionals in the fields of lighting. Certificates/prizes will be distributed as follows on

the jury’s discretion.

Unlike some other design awards and competitions, you are not obliged to make any

entry fees for winning the award participating and everything listed in the winners

benefits will be provided free of charge.


Applicants should provide a description of their ideas in a comprehensible way. Use

whatever technique suiting you, whether it is hand drawing/sketches, 3D

rendering/computer visualisationsvisualizations or photos of physical

prototype/manufactured product. Videos may also be added. Try to place your concept

in a setting and explain the function and use of the object.

Project submissions must include the following materials:

1. Hardcopy printout of a short documentation of the project. The write up should

● Title of the project

● Comprehensive description of the project: Concept statement or the design

idea, objectives and how they were met, design challenges, novelty of concept,

technological and/or material innovations, and social and environmental impact.

● Project technical specifications: Include actual or proposed dimensions,

materials, fabrication, techniques and manufacturing process.

● Project advantages & limitations

● Participant contact details: Include your name, college/university name,

programme of study, specialisation, year of study, address, phone number and

E-mail address.

● Recommended length of the proposals is a maximum of 10 pages (A4 size)

2. If you are submitting in the ‘Apps’ category, please provide URL link to page in the

3. Hardcopy color printout of high resolution digital image(s) of the project/product

being included as part of the submission. You may substitute drawings/renderings in

place of photographs. One image must clearly display the scale of the design. Include

the submitter’s name, address, phone number, and e-mail address on all printouts.

4. CD or USB drive with all of the entry materials – documentation on the

product/project (text materials in PDF or Word format) and images in correct file format.

All artwork must be 300 dpi, and at least 4” x 6” or the closest approximation.

Appropriate file types are JPEG, TIFF, EPS, or PSD. There should be no text on the

images. Please label the digital image files using the following format: Submitters

name_Project title.

Please note, if the entry materials are also being sent electronically, please coordinate

with the editor for file transfer instructions via Dropbox. Hardcopy of all materials must

be sent, regardless.


(may be to beat the deadline, etc.,) has to be followed by appropriate hard copy.

Accepted submissions will be the property of ISLE-KSC. If the participant has any

restrictions from this aspect, same may please be discused with Dr.Neena Jaju (Email:

[email protected]) before submission.

Submission deadline:

15 th September 2016

Entry must adhere to all general competition guidelines.

Entries must be an original creation without violating any copyright.

All material sent to us is treated with confidentiality and will not be forwarded or

published without permission from the owner of the design.

Please send materials and address all inquiries to:

Postal Address:…ISLE-KSC Competition, No.8, 1 Cross, Puttaranganna Layout, 1 Main

Road, Seshadripuram, Bangalore-560 020….

e-mail: [email protected]

Tel: ……. : Off : +91-080- 23441952, Mob : 9019201755 / 7795938090, 9880847562

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