ISLE-KSC & Education

Karnataka State Center of Indian Society of Lighting Engineers (ISLE-KSC) has been promoting lighting education & training, not only among the members of ISLE, but also for the benefit of different sections of the public.

The latest initiative has been the creation of an internet based Campus for Lighting Education. Educational and training programs on Lighting and related issues of topical interest will be available. The courses will be oriented towards different sectors of the public.

Some of the earlier educational & training activities of ISLE-KSC are:

EU Light India program during 2006-07 on outdoor lighting, in collaboration with lighting experts from Italy and Poland.This program had 3 workshops (Mumbai, New Delhi & Bangalore) combined with a workshop for selected participants in Europe (Italy, Poland & France).

Series of Seminars or workshops on Lighting in a number of educational institutions such as
University Vishveshwaraya College of Engineering, Bengaluru,
National Institute of Engineering, Mysore,
Canara Engineering College, Bantwal,
Global Academy of Technology, Bengaluru,
RNS Institute of Technology. Bengaluru,
Adi Chunchungiri Institute of Technology, Chickamagaluru,
M.S.Ramiah Polytechnic, Bengaluru,      etc.,

Courses for training for rural women in application of new types of light sources and use of renewable energy systems in rural areas combined with training for entreprenureship for lighting systems appropriate to rural areas. One program in Ramanagaram and one in Gubbi were initally conducted by ISLE-KSC in association with local NGOs. The programs are now continued by the respective NGOs successfully on their own.

Executive Development programs for introduction of the developments in lighting, Energy, Environment focused at working middle & junior level executives of industries, public service organizations etc.,

Light (other than lighting)
ISLE looks at Light not only from the restricted angle of “Lighting”, but also from Light as an essential need and input for all life including the health & happyness of the human being. ISLE facilitates the application of right light in diverse fields ranging from medical & Dental applications to neo-natal child care and from entrtainment to communications. ISLE has been involved in studies on daylight insolation data, distribution/variation charecteristics, effect of light on moods & health of people, influence on productivity etc.,

Student Chapter
The Karnataka State Center of ISLE today has about 215 student members and is growing. The student members are encouraged and mentored to pursue hobbies and projects related to Light, Lighting, Controls, Energy, Environment, Economics. The environment of Karnataka promotes development, innovaton and has been the home for many start-ups. Today with the developments taking place in electronics, computers & communications there is great potential for hobbyists and small innovators to try their ideas to bring out systems or applications or equipment to improve the life-style, efficiency, environment etc.,

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