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Lighting has become complex from a number of aspects.

  • Lighting in particular the electrical lights have transformed our life. Before the advent of electric lights most of the human activities were limited to the daylight hours only. Availability of electricity and artificial lights changed the entire perspective and activities of all types that were being done during the daylight hours now extend to the night time also.
  • Human eye has the immense capacity to perform at an extremely wide range of lighting level. We can see with a candle light or the moon light . We can also see under the direct sunlight. The range is extremely wide. Our perception characteristics do change with the level of lighting.
  • Proper lighting, keeping in view the requirements of the eye, helps us perform better. Our sleep cycles are controlled by a harmone Melatonin which is produced by exposure to light and is also responsible for the health disorders such jet lag, seasonal affection syndrome, insomnia, etc.,
  • Light is necessary for health. Even those with visual handicap (who cannot see at all) require light or rather require exposure to light  for the human physiological systems to function effectively. Lack of adequate exposure to sunlight or inadequacy of exposure to alternative appropriate artificial light causes many diseases.
  • Curing some diseases requires light of appropriate type. New born babies are exposed to UV Light for protection against Jaundice. Diabetes is controlled by controlled exposure to light.
  • Light has an effect on the attentiveness or drowsiness of a person.
  • Animals, birds, insects are all influenced by light.
  • Earlier about 3 decades ago we just had two types of artificial or electric light sources only: Incandescent Lamp & Fluorescent tube.
    But today we have a very wide variety of light sources and correspondingly an even larger variety of light fittings or luminaires.
  • Lighting was taken for granted about two or three decades ago, as there was not much of an alternative choice of source and the energy (electricity) was  cheap. Now with continuously increasing cost of electricity, our focus has changed just provide light to provide appropriate light with cost effectiveness.
  • Consumer is the King. But for lighting products the general consumer, the common man is such a small entity, that he has no voice to convey the feedback to the manufacturer. In this area the feedback has to be catalysed by NGOs to give weightage to the common man’s problems with the new products and service systems.
  • Large number of lighting products are coming up everyday. While some may be good many are of dubious qualty and there is no standards for the performance of the products. There are no systems for quality and performance certification to safeguard the consumer interests.

The above areas are to be catered to by this Education & Training On-Line Campus.

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