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Skill Up-gradation Tutorial:                   Joint program with ESSCI,     

Unique program designed to cater to electronics associated with Lighting, Lighting Controls, and related systems like Solar PV Panels, Batteries, LED Drivers, Electronic Ballasts.

Lighting & Lighting equipment have undergone a very major change during the past 5 years and greater skill is required in handling them in matters of installation as well as maintenance. Electronic components in lighting systems are on the increase. The power system fault levels are also on the rise due due to large grid interconnections and overall increase in power generation.

Added factor for complexity arises from availability of more than one source of electricity (by standby systems such as DG Sets, Inverters and UPS systems even in small household systems. These complexities cause shock & fire hazards if there are any installation or maintenance lapses. The professionals handling these should therefore be trained to handle the electronics, multiple sources and lighting controls.

Light sources or Light fittings as well as the lighting controls, today, come with quite a bit of electronics, whether it is the conventional tube-light with an electronic ballast or a LED light with an electronic driver or a controller based on movement detection or a set of lights with central control from the building automation system. The routine maintenance or the minor fault repair not only requires the basic knowledge of electronics but also the ability to use sophisticated diagnostic instruments. The workman who undertakes the repair has to get his skills upgraded. This program addresses the same as per-cursor of the series of programs that ISLE will be coming with under the latest systems in co-operation with Skill Development Council of the Government of India.

That explains in brief the need for up-gradation of the skills of the professional. ISLE – KSC for the first time organized a tutorial program to cover these requirements.

The professionals will be trained by experts from the teaching and certification program developed by ESSCI, the industry and the academia.

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