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Skill Up-gradation Tutorial:                   Joint program with ESSCI,     

Unique program designed to cater to electronics associated with Lighting, Lighting Controls, and related systems like Solar PV Panels, Batteries, LED Drivers, Electronic Ballasts.

Lighting & Lighting equipment have undergone a very major change during the past 5 years and greater skill is required in handling them in matters of installation as well as maintenance. Electronic components in lighting systems are on the increase. The power system fault levels are also on the rise due due to large grid interconnections and overall increase in power generation.

Added factor for complexity arises from availability of more than one source of electricity (by standby systems such as DG Sets, Inverters and UPS systems even in small household systems. These complexities cause shock & fire hazards if there are any installation or maintenance lapses. The professionals handling these should therefore be trained to handle the electronics, multiple sources and lighting controls.

Light sources or Light fittings as well as the lighting controls, today, come with quite a bit of electronics, whether it is the conventional tube-light with an electronic ballast or a LED light with an electronic driver or a controller based on movement detection or a set of lights with central control from the building automation system. The routine maintenance or the minor fault repair not only requires the basic knowledge of electronics but also the ability to use sophisticated diagnostic instruments. The workman who undertakes the repair has to get his skills upgraded. This program addresses the same as per-cursor of the series of programs that ISLE will be coming with under the latest systems in co-operation with Skill Development Council of the Government of India.

That explains in brief the need for up-gradation of the skills of the professional. ISLE – KSC for the first time organized a tutorial program to cover these requirements.

The professionals will be trained by experts from the teaching and certification program developed by ESSCI, the industry and the academia.

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Please select your choice of stall(s) and reserve your stall. If the stall is not already booked, you will get an Email confirmation with the invoice to enable payment of the charges for the stall.
In case of any queries please call the Secretary or Chairman

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Invitation for Papers for VISION 2020 Conference.
At NIMHANS Convention Center on November 4 & 6, 2016

VISION 2020, an event organized by The Karnataka State Center of Indian Society of Lighting Engineers  to facilitate Lighting professionals  to stay abreast of trends and changes will be held from 4th to 6th November, 2016 at NIMHANS Convention Centre, Bengaluru, India.
VISION series of Conference & Exhibitions are being held periodically since 2002 and has been the trend & pace setter for the next few years.
VISION brings together Academicians, Consultants, Designers / Architects Builders, Equipment and Material Manufacturers (of Lighting, Solar Energy, Electronic Controls, Ballasts & Drivers, Remote, central & networked controls, Special Bio-Medical Lighting products), Government & Public Sector Agencies, Project Managers, Educators, Researchers, Students, and other stake holders involved in Lighting as well as Light for betterment of Life from across the country.
Present Your Research on Recent Developments in Design and Construction Technologies of Light not only in the context of Lighting, but also in the broader context of better life.
VISION 2020 (to be held during Nov 2016), ‘The International Conference on Recent Developments in Smart Light’ presents academicians, research scholars and industry professionals an unique opportunity to share their research with the industry and academy.  Your presentation at VISION can be an important part of professionalization, and a chance to receive valuable feedback on your work, explain your methodology, respond to questions about your findings, deepen your understanding, see what your peers are researching, network, and gain valuable experience to highlight on your resume.

The following are the sub-themes for the Conference. Authors may indicate the keyword, tags and also identify the sub theme to which they consider their paper is targeted.

1. Light —–
    Better Light with energy economy & least impact on environment
– Architectural aspects of lighting in the context of new light sources available
– Lighting  Design – Radical new thinking in design & applications.
– Dynamics of LED Lighting – Think afresh and integrate design.
– Light in the context of emergencies, disaster management; Need for sustained lighting for human safety in large buildings during emergencies like fire, earthquake etc.,
– Design for Good Visual performance indoors & outdoors,
– Integration of daylight, commercial lighting, street lighting
2. Recent Development, New Products & Forthcoming Products
– Advances in Make in India
-Evolution of New Light sources, fittings & applications
– High Performance Lighting
– What do expect in the next four years
– New trends in Buildings – Facades & Glazing, related lighting design
– Lighting Integration with Architectural design
– Testing & Certification infrastructure
– Integration of Solar energy with lighting in Rural & Urban settings
– Solar farms in mandatory open spaces along Railway lines, Airports, Highways
– Changes required in building and energy regulations to promote sustained development of energy-environment-lighting
– Construction Sequence analysis – Quality Control
– Standards & Codes of practice for the new products developed
– Green Buildings & Sustainability
– Infrastructure for Smart RURAL Areas
– PURA-> Providing Urban Facilities in Rural Areas
– Zero energy buildings, Zero energy villages
– Human being’s physiological need of lighting, psychological influence of light charecteristics
– Life Safety Aspects for Tall Structures – Fire proof lighting systems for safe evacuation
– Lighting products for health, Light Therapy for disease cure.
– Design, development and construction of Lighting controls.
– Energy management, conservation
– Software for Lighting Design involving new types of light sources
– BIM — Building Information Management – Visualization, Rendering
Send Abstract of (not more than 300 words): 31 August 2016Date for intimation of acceptance: 15 September 2016
Submission of full paper upon acceptance: 15 October 2016
Intimation of Acceptance of paper for presentation or poster display: 25 October 2016
The Abstract of papers shall be sent to[email protected] / [email protected]
The abstract soft copy can be submitted in any format such as PDF, MS Word, htm/html/eml  attached to the email or in the body of the email. It will be acknowledged within 2 days. Please call or remind in case of non-receipt. Please dond send any hard copy by post or courier.
The selected papers will be published in the technical Conference document or Souvenir of the VISION 2010.  Papers after acceptance will be the property of ISLE-KSC. In case an author has any reservation the author is requested to get it clarified from the Secretary, ISLE-KSC. Please allow a response time of 10 days for reply/decision.
A few selected papers of the conference after peer review and plagiarism check will be published online in the ISLE NEWSLETTER


Workshop            back to overview

The  workshop has been organized with content oriented towards the needs of the engineering students. Today there is immense potential for the electronics enthusiast or the hobbyist to bring out solutions and products for lighting control. LED’s have also opened up a new area wherein the development of LED based applications in the college project laboratories is interesting and challenging.  The Workshop will be on November 6 from 10 AM to 1:30 PM to be followed by a panel discussion from 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM. Participating mentors will be from the industry and the educational institutions. This is the first program of its kind and has been taken up as a part of VISION 2020 and is conceived to be the beginning of a continuous program of interaction between the students, hobbyists on one side and the experts from Industry and professors on the other side.

We do expect that the program will be unique and ISLE-KSC would facilitate this interaction between the two communities on a sustained basis.